Sweating the Small Stuff

I’d like to start by saying while I enjoy reading listicles I am not proud that our generation has made this a thing. So I’m trying to avoid the listicle format on my blog.  I was recently enjoying a cold beverage and I was beginning to find it was harder for me to drink out of the straw that’s when I realized my straw was broken. The feeling of disappointment and frustration. I thought to myself that everyday I probably deal with more frustrating and difficult challenges than my straw breaking, but right now I can’t think of anything worse that could possibly happen to me.

Then I thought to myself I’m pathetic there are a lot of big problems going on in the world today that should bring about this level of emotion and frustration, I should be ashamed of myself. Then another thought occurred to me. Why not embrace these everyday little things that annoy me? Why not talk about them? Why are we always trying to make ourselves sound more important than we actually are? Why are we always saying don’t sweat the small stuff. Today I’m going to sweat the small stuff. By the end of this post I’m going to be drenched in sweat from sweating the small stuff. Because ain’t nobody got time to be sweating the big stuff.

Let’s begin with sleeping the whole process of getting rest in itself is stressful. From the arrangement of pillows to the room temperature. The one thing that annoys me probably more than anything else is the moment when a sheet comes off the mattress at one end leaving my skin exposed to the mattress. There is nothing more frustrating to me than realizing my sheet came off and now i’m just sleeping on a mattress. I cannot pinpoint why exactly this frustrates me so much. Maybe it’s because I’m a hot sleeper and the mattress makes me warmer. It might be the texture of the mattress that I find alarming. Either way it does not matter how late it is when this happens. I will wake up and fix it. It also doesn’t matter what bed I’m in either if i’m at a friends house and their sheet situation or lack there of is not up to par. I am politely respectfully OUT OF THERE.

Another thing that bothers me are BAR STOOLS. Every apartment I rented in college came with a countertop and bar stools. The thing about being a 5 foot (feet?) tall person is that you have short legs and constantly having to adjust to the average height world. So when I just come home from a long days work and I’m ready to sit down and enjoy a meal I absolutely cannot stand having to climb up and down a bar stool. I look ridiculous and it’s so annoying. The foot rest bar is never high enough for my feet to actually rest. My feet are always dangling in the air which is really annoying and I have to figure out a way to move the chair close enough for me to be able to climb onto the stool. It’s a real inconvenience. After all the work it takes to get up onto the stool then I drop something and I am forced to start the whole process over again.

Finally the last most annoying and inconvenient thing that bothers me. When I’m driving jamming to some great music in the car on my way to work and my phone falls into the crack between the seat and disconnects from the aux cord. I have to drive in silence the rest of the way trying to figure out if there was anything I could have done to prevent this from happening. That is the worst. I had my playlist set the songs picked out that best suited the mood I was in and bam just like that the soundtrack to my morning drive has been ruined. Then when I finally reach my destination I have to spend an undisclosed amount of time searching for my phone trying to make my chubby hand fit in between the seat to grab my phone. Nothing annoys me more than that.

If you made it this far I hope you did you will realize that these are very minor things that in the grand scheme of things are of little importance to anyone else but me. I can’t say exactly why I allow these minor incidents to affect me so much but in a way I’m glad they do. It makes me human it helps me know I’m not numb. They’re quirks and everyone has those I’m sure. The important thing I try to do is not make my problems everyone else’s problem. Majority of the time other people do not care and that’s fine with me. Have sheets on your bed don’t have sheets on your bed (please for the love of sweet baby Jesus have sheets on your bed). Have bar stools or don’t have bar stools. Agree or disagree with me on anything and everything. I don’t care live your life. I adjust and move on with my life knowing that these things bother me but also knowing that there are far worse things that could happen to me. I just can’t seem to think of any right now.


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