Life With a Side of Sass

This is my umpteenth attempt at a blog. I kept giving up on my other blogs was because I was trying to match my life to the blog and not the blog to my life. The reality is that there isn’t anything really crazy amazing or devastatingly horrible going on in my life… nothing truly noteworthy. I just felt like writing again. So if no one reads this that’s fine with me that’s not why I started this thing. I remember writing my very first blog over seven years ago thinking no one was ever going to read it and being completely fine with that.

So here’s the deal (as i sit here with a guacamole stain on my oversized t-shirt and sweatpants):

I’m not a fashionista. I’m not a beauty guru. I definitely am not qualified to be giving anyone advice. I’m not a a foodie who knows where to find the best “brunch” places. I’m not a party girl who has VIP access to all the best clubs. I’m not a jet setter who has a seemingly endless bank account that affords me trips to countless locations. I am not a fitness fanatic. I am not an aspiring instagram model. I am not fancy.

I am just a twenty-three year old Texan.

I can only serve up my everyday life experiences with an occasional side of sass.



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