I Am the Judy Greer: Tales of a Perpetually Single Friend


Truth be told I watch what some may see as an unhealthy amount of romantic comedies. When I’m watching these rom-coms I always think of who I find relatable and it’s never the main character I typically relate to the friend…the sassy friend who dishes realness to the protagonist, the one who no one in the audience really cares whether or not this friend finds love/happiness/success. The friend who in cases where she does find love it’s usually with the goofy best friend of the male protagonist (because her life is so centered around her friend that she dare not venture to find someone else) Maybe I am the sassy friend in real life…maybe I am the Judy Greer. For those of you who may not be familiar with Judy Greer’s body of work she frequently gets cast in the role of best friend. If you don’t believe me watch Funny or Dies “Judy Greer Is The Best Friend” and nothing could be closer to the reality that is my life.

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Bed & Book #1: Gone With the Wind

I love books and I love bed so I’ve decided to do Bed & Book blog posts. I think everyone has a favorite reading spot mine is my bed. Let’s be honest my bed is my favorite anything spot. Except for the hanky panky there’s none of that going on here. I would like to explain that the following is my interpretation and understanding of the story and the topics and themes I personally wanted to discuss. This is not an in depth educational analysis or literary criticism of the whole novel. It’s just for fun. Simply how the story made me as an individual feel. Literature is art obviously and open to an infinite amount of interpretations.

I recently read the mammoth of a novel that is Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. This story is epic there’s humor, tragedy, and suspense. Everyone knows the movie it’s iconic. I loved the film and was genuinely very excited about reading the novel. I first saw the film in the eighth grade in class and Vivienne Leigh’s Scarlett was a revelation for me. It took me ten years before I decided to read the book. I would talk about the movie and how it’s one of my favorites if not my favorite film and people couldn’t understand why maybe I didn’t understand why at the time either.

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Sweating the Small Stuff

I’d like to start by saying while I enjoy reading listicles I am not proud that our generation has made this a thing. So I’m trying to avoid the listicle format on my blog.  I was recently enjoying a cold beverage and I was beginning to find it was harder for me to drink out of the straw that’s when I realized my straw was broken. The feeling of disappointment and frustration. I thought to myself that everyday I probably deal with more frustrating and difficult challenges than my straw breaking, but right now I can’t think of anything worse that could possibly happen to me.

Then I thought to myself I’m pathetic there are a lot of big problems going on in the world today that should bring about this level of emotion and frustration, I should be ashamed of myself. Then another thought occurred to me. Why not embrace these everyday little things that annoy me? Why not talk about them? Why are we always trying to make ourselves sound more important than we actually are? Why are we always saying don’t sweat the small stuff. Today I’m going to sweat the small stuff. By the end of this post I’m going to be drenched in sweat from sweating the small stuff. Because ain’t nobody got time to be sweating the big stuff.

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Life With a Side of Sass

This is my umpteenth attempt at a blog. I kept giving up on my other blogs was because I was trying to match my life to the blog and not the blog to my life. The reality is that there isn’t anything really crazy amazing or devastatingly horrible going on in my life… nothing truly noteworthy. I just felt like writing again. So if no one reads this that’s fine with me that’s not why I started this thing. I remember writing my very first blog over seven years ago thinking no one was ever going to read it and being completely fine with that.

So here’s the deal (as i sit here with a guacamole stain on my oversized t-shirt and sweatpants):

I’m not a fashionista. I’m not a beauty guru. I definitely am not qualified to be giving anyone advice. I’m not a a foodie who knows where to find the best “brunch” places. I’m not a party girl who has VIP access to all the best clubs. I’m not a jet setter who has a seemingly endless bank account that affords me trips to countless locations. I am not a fitness fanatic. I am not an aspiring instagram model. I am not fancy.

I am just a twenty-three year old Texan.

I can only serve up my everyday life experiences with an occasional side of sass.